Cancer doesn’t stop. No matter what’s going on in the world, Cancer is always there, hurting those we love. Jammin’ For A Cure will be raising money for a new piece of equipment called the Magnet RX. This combines MRI and CT technology into one machine so we can really target the radiation in the body. Because things inside the body are always moving, traditional radiation can cause a lot of damage. This radiation is extremely targeted, reducing the overall damage caused in the body. 

The technology is driven by Dr. Gino Fallone who did almost all the research here in Edmonton. It can help people with all types of cancers. 

It was long thought that treatment like this could never be done. This is truly groundbreaking. 

We want to help fund great research like this to help Albertans, and people everywhere, receive the treatment they need.

Your support will provide hope to people who would otherwise die of their cancer – despite all the best-known treatments. You are giving people a better chance of a cancer-free outcome and more time with their families, friends, and loved ones.